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Take a Stitch Tuesday

A new start….

I am restarting this blog to participate in Sharon B’s Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge.   Wish me luck!


Final TAST

In a rush to catch up on Take a Stitch Tuesday before the end of the year, I did a tiny sampler:

From left to right:

Chained bar
Pekinese stitch
Knotted cable chain stitch
Pistil stitch
more Pistil stitch
Chain braid stitch (love this stitch!)

Berry stitch
Pekinese stitch
Spanish feather stitch (another new stitch for me that I’ll use again)

Not elegant, but I wanted to at least try these stitches.

There were a couple of TAST stitches I never managed this year – for instance, Lace Border stitch (week41) was a masochistic adventure. Shisha stitch I had tried a few years ago, so didn’t do a new sample. And there were a couple that I worked but didn’t get around to post.


During the past year, I’ve followed Sharon B.’s Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge. I’m running far behind, but here are a couple of the pieces I’ve worked on.

Sheep – drizzle stitch mixed with cast on stitch and french knots
face, legs – twisted satin
surround – Zig Zag Spanish Knotted stitch

Sampler –

A sampler using (mostly) TAST stitches

Rows (top to bottom):

1. running stitch, Algerian eye
2.Satin stitch
3.Couching, oyster stitch
4.Palestrina stitch, stem stitch
5.Running stitch
6.Woven wheels, couching
7.Satin stitch, couching with up-down buttonhole
8.Portuguese stem stitch, basque stitch, French knots, fly stitch

Short columns (left to right):

1.Crossed buttonhole
2.Butterfly chain, stem stitch
3.Wheatear, French knots, whipped running stitch
4.Half chevron
5.Detached chain, French knots, stem stitch
6.Sheath stitch, couching
7.Arrowhead stitch, stem stitch
8.Cretan stitch with lacing, back stitch
9.Buttonhole wheels, couching with up-down buttonhole
10. Barred chain stitch
11.Cable chain stitch, laced back stitch, French knots