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Can this design be saved – part 2

Well, here it is. I added an initial “M” to the center of the piece. Whether it was that, or whether it was simply washing and ironing the fabric, it didn’t end up as bad as I’d feared.

The initial is upright, not on a slant.  I used waste canvas to do the initial, and a double strand of perl cotton to make the letter stand out a bit.  

This was one of those things to work on while watching mindless TV on a very cold night.


Can this design be saved?

This is a UFO I’m trying to finish – a faded pink linen tea towel which came with a stamped design.

I think this is a very uninspired design. The center is stem stitch, with chain stitch leaves. I’ve added in some French knot flowers. The outside is cross stitch. Here’s a closer view of the design.

detail of tea towel

The cross stitch is in off-white – difficult to see clearly in the image.

This isn’t something I’d chose, but since it is taking up room in the closet, I want to finish it. Any ideas how to improve it? One thought was to add a border around the outside of the cross stitch area in green, but that doesn’t really grab me. Another idea is to weave more stem/leaves through the cross stitch, but that seems a lot of effort for a piece that I’m not crazy about.

I’ll have to soak off the remnants of a label at the bottom.