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In celebration of a day off from work (“Family Day” here in Ontario, or, as I prefer to think of it, “Not Presidents Day,”) I tried making bagels for the first time.  I’m most pleased with my results.


I used a recipe from the King Arthur Flour website which called for steaming the bagels, rather than boiling them, prior to baking.  I didn’t bother with adding sesame seeds, but next time I try this, I think I’ll substitute a bit of rye flour.  All in all, a very satisfactory first time effort.

The only problem is that the recipe calls for letting the dough rise at room temperature.  Whatever temperature that is, it probably isn’t the temperature of my house in February.  I put the dough in the oven to rise, to keep it from drafts.  I have an electric oven rather than a gas oven (no pilot light), so I turn on the oven at 150 degrees for 2-3 minutes every couple of hours.

On another topic, Sharon B has posted this month’s Stitch explorer challenge, trellis stitch.  I’m looking forward to this challenge.  This is a new stitch for me.  Last month’s challenge, chicken scratch, was also new to me.  It was interesting – I very much liked seeing other people’s efforts – but I don’t think this is a style of needlework that particularly appealed to me.



Last night I went on my annual hamentashen spree.  Hamentashen are a cookie traditionally made for the Jewish holiday of Purim.

I used the orange-and-oil dough recipe from Marcy Goldman’s “A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking,” to keep them parve, and her dried sour cherry and cranberry filling. (No poppy seeds here!) If that wasn’t non-traditional enough, a few I filled with Rootham’s apple peach cinnamon jam, and a few with Nutella.

By the way, should this be spelled “hamentashen” or “hamentaschen” (with the extra “c”) or some other way?  I googled both this afternoon.

Hamentashen –  28,200 hits

Hamentaschen – 16, 500 hits 

Hamantaschen – 47,500 hits

Hamantashen – 22,900 hits

Who knew?