Assisi – oops

March’s Stitch Explorer was Assisi embroidery.  I don’t think I’d ever heard of this style of embroidery.

I’ve never been a huge fan of cross-stitch.  It seemed very – unimaginative?  After you choose the colors, all that is left is the same stitch over and over.  So with mixed feelings, I set out to try Assisi.


I had a little doodle that I was playing with, and turned it into a border.  Ok so far.  I outlined the doodle in black backstitch, and then started filling in with long-armed cross-stitch.  But then I got bored and added an irregular  bottom border.  Big mistake.  I hadn’t thought this through – the irregular line vs. long-armed cross-stitch meant that I having to fill in many odd-sized areas and take many compensating stitches.  This was not a good idea.

I did like the idea of Assisi, though.  I like the visual impact, and I’d like to try another sample (probably won’t happen this week, though).  Some of the samples that I’ve seen on others’ sites show other stitches used as background, which lend more interest and texture to the pieces – for example, treating this more like blackwork.


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