Monthly Archives: March 2009

Just one more

Just one more bug – I couldn’t resist.


Each of these is about the size of a dime (Canadian or U.S. – they’re about the same).

Anne had commented about the difficulty of  embroidering on top of a spiral trellis.  I agree – I use a very loose tension and sort of “coax” the stitches into place.


Another bug

Before I move on from spiral trellis, here’s one more bug –


The body is done with spiral trellis, the dots are French knots, the legs are fly stitches, and the antennae are straight stitches.  The black is perl no. 5.  I’m not sure if you can tell from the image, but this really jumps out from the surface.

And more spiral trellis stitch

There are some very imaginative examples of spiral trellis appearing online.  I particularly like the flower done by Anne ,  and also the flower here .  Lovely work.

I decided to try something a little different.


And another view:


The body is spiral trellis.  The spots are Chinese knots, the head a bullion knot, and a flystitch for the antennae.