Trellis stitch

I was hunting for examples of trellis stitch.  Most of what I’ve found are from historical textile collections.   For example, the Victoria & Albert Museum has a fabulous jacket – go to their site and look at the original and at an enlarged version of this detail.

I also found a number of examples in samplers – mostly with trellis stitch used as a filling, rather than spiral trellis.

Here’s my own first efforts at spiral trellis stitch:


The darker example was done with a varigated no. 5 perle cotton, the lighter one with a no. 8 perle.

Here’s one more sample:


It is a little hard to see in this image, but I first made the center with 5 or 6 french knots.  After doing those, I backstitched a circle around them, then started working a spiral trellis going out.  This would be more effective if the center were in a contrasting color.  I may try this again.


One response to “Trellis stitch

  1. What a nice example is it, the jacket of the Victoria and Albert Museum. I am glad that you found it, it is inspiring.

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