April TIF

I’m a little late, but I’ve gotten to the April TIF – the question about change.

I don’t particular like change. I generally think of changes to the worse, not to the better.  Intellectually, I know that isn’t true, but emotionally – that’s a different issue.  When I read the Sharon B’s challenge for April, I immediately thought of black, gloomy things with lots of torn threads, or maybe mud-colored stitching of a bottomless pit (although it does raise the interesting question of how best to portray a bottomless pit in needlepoint. Which stitches to use?), or perhaps a piece of linen with scorch marks.

But maybe this had something to do with the winter. When in 3 weeks, things can change from snow and ice and misery, to

then suddenly things don’t seem quite so bad.

It has been a terrific month for daffodils here. Many years we get a final frost and they get killed off too soon, but this year the weather has cooperated (although still another two weeks to the last frost date, when it is safe for planting). This year, the flowers have been bright and showy and exuberant.  I wanted to stitch  something related to the flowers, and something with a lot of bright, bright yellow.

I took an image of a daffodil and enlarged a small portion of it, and started stitching.

I wanted to see what I could do with just one color, to feel like spring.

I’m not satisfied with the result. The piece is about 2 inches square, and includes chain stitch, detatched chain, stem, satin, couching, back stitch, buttonhole, and rice stitch, and leaf stitch (a poor choice). A little more planning would have helped, a lot.  But spring is here, and it is suddenly too beautiful to sit inside stitching.


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