More thoughts on March’s challenge

I forgot to mention the colors for March’s challenge.

Actually, I didn’t forget – I just ignored them. This palette as a whole doesn’t do much for me. I will probably work a green and brown into my piece for this month, but I’m not sure it will be these particular shades.

I’m still thinking about the winter aconite, and other small flowers that announce spring. In lieu of actual stitching (because even with a foot and a half of snow this weekend and staying indoors, except to shovel, my motivation is sort of low right now), I’ve been playing with images, looking at different ways to interpret flowers. Starting with:

I turned it into this:

and this:

and this (which would be truly disturbing to see on a spring morning)

Why (other than wasting time) was I doing this?

When I first thought of embroidering flowers, I was thinking of something very traditional, and frankly, sweet – satin stitch for the petals, perhaps outline stitch on the leaves, with some couching and french knots for the inside of the flowers.  But there are other ways I could do this.   The second image, with the blue flowers could be done with applique.  The next image, in black and white, could be translated into blackwork.  The last image, with the hot pink flowers on blue background, could be printed on fabric, with some overstitching.


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