Remembering winter

I’m still thinking about Sharon’s Take It Further theme for February – what are you old enough to remember. 

At the moment, I’m remembering when winter was fun and meant snowmen and snowforts and hot chocolate – before it meant shovelling, and trudging to work, and coming home to find the plow has come through, and then more shovelling,.  If I did this in needlework, the piece would be grey – very grey, probably with some snarls and tangled threads and warped and grubby fabric.

Yes, it is very pretty outside in the morning when the sun hits the ice on the trees, and all the branches are outlined in light, and glow, and the snow lies on top of the bushes and last year’s garden, and the shadows are very deep blue against the snow.  But then the plow comes through, and there’s more shovelling.


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