February’s challenge

Sharon B. has posted February’s Take It Further challenge. It is “What are you old enough to remember?”

Interesting question. I can think of several ways to approach this. One is by thinking of major events – Sharon B. had the example of the first moonlanding. Other major events for me are things such as U.S. presidential elections, or the Challenger explosion. Then there’s the events linked to more personal history – memories from trips that I’ve taken, or places I’ve been. I remember when taking an airplane trip was fun and required putting on a skirt and dressing up (I was small then – my mother insisted). I remember when my youngest sister was born. I remember what I was doing when I received major news – good or bad. Then there are people that I remember – relatives, or people that I knew from school, or some that I encountered at one time or another.

I remember the first time I received a spam message on my email. This was the early 90’s – I can’t recall the year exactly. This was so novel, I remember all of us in the office I was working in at the time looking at the email and discussing it, and we were amused. Now, of course…..

One thing that came to mind is a very minor event – except that it was major at the time. I remember when girls couldn’t wear pants to school. I was in 6th grade, I think, when the dress code for the local schools was changed, and girls could then wear pants. (If you’re growing up in the U.S. midwest, walking to school in a dress wasn’t fun, even with snow pants and leotards underneath!) That first year, it was pants – no jeans were allowed – but of course, that changed rapidly. This is a small event, but can be linked to all sorts of changes in society.

I want to mull over this question for a couple of days.

She’s also posted the color palette for the month:

February color palette

I have to admit, these colors don’t do much for me. I much prefer January’s palette, with its purples. Not sure if I’ll stick to these colors.


One response to “February’s challenge

  1. I’ve been going through the lise of comments on the TIF page for February. Thought it was time to see what everyone is up to. I didn’t live where it was cold but I remember not having a coat except for a dressy coat in the second grade. We would get cold as we lived inland from San Diego and some winter days would be in the low fifties and all I had was a sweater over my dress.
    I remember in high school, wearing mini dresses and when the maxi came out wearing it to school only to be sent home to change. It was considered a fad so therefore a no-no. Can you imagine, a dress so short you could hardly sit nicely was okay but an ankle length dress was not?!

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