TIF January

This is as much as I think I’ll do on this particular project.

As I mentioned, the person I was thinking of in doing this piece was my grandmother. Not that she ever did this type of project (at least, not that I’m aware of). If I really wanted to honor her, I would have finished the cutwork tablecloth that I’ve had in a bag for the past 5+ years. It needs about 3 weeks of work trimming threads, repairing buttonhole bars, and other nitpicky stuff. Or, I would have done some broderie anglaise on fine linen. But this piece does have some pulled and drawn work. It has her recipe. And it has purple, my favorite color – and has been since I was little, as she knew.

I had a terrific cold for about a week – the type where you wish you could amputate your nose, just to be able to stop sniffling and sneezing – and am finally getting over it. That made it very hard to concentrate on stitching.

There are parts of this piece that I like – I like playing with drawn threads and pulled threads. The top border is a 4 sided box, where you draw out the horizontal threads above and below, but leave the threads in the center intact. The bottom border uses twisted bars, which are great fun to work. However, I don’t particularly like the wrapped buttonhole bars in the inside box. That section is looks too heavy. The algerian eye decorative section at the top, with the satin stitch and running stitch around it, doesn’t thrill me – it is cute, but not particularly interesting, and I’m not that fond of cute.

I’d like to do a variation on this idea some time in the future. I think that I would print, rather than embroider, the recipe – embroidering “baking powder” got tedious and took much time which could have been spent on more interesting ideas.


6 responses to “TIF January

  1. This is fun! The pulled and drawn thread work are lovely

  2. I really like the combination of text and embroidery, and the way you have embroidered the recipe seems to ‘fit’ somehow – though I can appreciate how time consuming it was!

  3. Nice. I like it – and I like the recipe! I love drawn thread work, and I think you’ve done a spectacular job with it!

    And I have to admit, as a high school teacher, I love the title of your blog! Snow days are the Greatest!!!

  4. This is nice, I like the ‘frame’ you made.

  5. Nice! I am very fond of pulled and drawn thread etc. I am getting very tempted to try it. I found your blog via Elizabeth and eskimo stitch. .

  6. This turned out very nice. I may try that recipe too. Store bought are so expensive.
    I don’t think we have to do the exact thing the person who we are showing admiration for did to honor them. At least, I hope not as my mother loved very neat, tidy proper things and I am making a very un-neat, slapped together look ATC book which isn’t done yet either and my mom had everything done early. Oh well, I loved her and she loved me and if I can pack as much living into my life as she did in her short one, I think I will have honored her.
    I’m sure your grandmother would like what you did here for her.

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