Can this design be saved?

This is a UFO I’m trying to finish – a faded pink linen tea towel which came with a stamped design.

I think this is a very uninspired design. The center is stem stitch, with chain stitch leaves. I’ve added in some French knot flowers. The outside is cross stitch. Here’s a closer view of the design.

detail of tea towel

The cross stitch is in off-white – difficult to see clearly in the image.

This isn’t something I’d chose, but since it is taking up room in the closet, I want to finish it. Any ideas how to improve it? One thought was to add a border around the outside of the cross stitch area in green, but that doesn’t really grab me. Another idea is to weave more stem/leaves through the cross stitch, but that seems a lot of effort for a piece that I’m not crazy about.

I’ll have to soak off the remnants of a label at the bottom.


One response to “Can this design be saved?

  1. Looks like the center is pretty empty. Maybe a Monogram letter/s or motif that you enjoy? The outside cross stitches come across quite sparkly, Kind of cute.

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