More on January’s TIF

More progress on January’s Take if Further challenge.

The left and right sides are have a pattern of pulled threads.

The top is drawn thread with a square stitch. I’m planning to do the bottom with a different pattern for drawn thread. Not sure yet what I’ll do with the center.

(This is not a great photo. The white splotch in the middle is the camera flash, and the yellow showing through at the top is from the desk this was placed on to photograph. It is not part of the piece.)

If you’ve never done drawn thread work, that first snip of the thread can be scary. I check and recheck before cutting. It is possible to repair if the wrong thread is cut, but I’ve never gotten it to look exactly the same, and repairs are tedious.

This is a more traditional needlework piece than many of the fabulous TIF projects that I’ve seen people working on. I see a lot of techniques and ideas that I would like to try, but for this piece, based on my grandmother, I want to stick with “regular” (?) needlework.

Angela had a good suggestion several days ago, about using some of the remnants of my inherited stash on the piece. I liked that idea, and have some beige perl cotton that I might try to work in. The main problem is that the colors that Sharon B. suggested for January – especially the purples – are ones that I like and use a great deal. Much of the colors I have left from my grandmother are ones that I don’t use a lot of – yellows, mustard shades, odd greens and tans.


2 responses to “More on January’s TIF

  1. Very nice! It is so neat how everyone is approaching this challenge in such a different way.

  2. Great progress on your TIF work. The traditional stitching is a great tribute to your grandmother.

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